About Me

I’m Jenn: a vlogger, video editor, and online event producer.

Video has always been a favorite creative outlet of mine. I spent my young-adult life as a dancer, dance teacher and choreographer. My desire to create through video comes from that same love of dance. Finding rhythm, choreographing to a story, setting themes, entertaining, and making something alongside others are characteristics of both forms of expression.

After making video slideshows as a teenager I graduated to creating short videos that marketed our family website hosting business on a Macbook. Those early videos were published to Youtube starting back in 2009. We found that online videos were effective in bringing us new clients and helped us serve our client base through tutorials. When we found long form content consuming too much of our time in preproduction, shooting, and editing we made the jump to live webcast content in 2010.

From 2010 to 2015 I produced and hosted a number of live webcast events, eventually being hired by outside organizations to create their own online events using video. In 2015 my husband and I began vlogging our family adventures in the Pacific Northwest, which lead to a number of jobs in producing and editing recorded digital media for others.

I continue to freelance as a video editor and producer while creating personal vlogs, marketing videos for my husband’s paddleboard business, and tutorials for video and live webcast production.

Follow our family Youtube channel at Youtube.com/thedonoghs.

On a personal note, my husband and I live in a rural community outside of Seattle, Washington. We love to explore the Pacific Northwest and have an affinity for paddleboarding and dirt bikes. I spend my days with my two sons who are 2 and 6. Along with creating videos I’m interested in personal development, holistic nutrition, and reducing our waste to improve the environment.

Follow me on Instagram at Instagram.com/jenniferdonogh.