Video editor.
Live stream producer.

Video has always been a favorite creative outlet of mine. I spent my young-adult life as a dancer, dance teacher and choreographer. My desire to create through video comes from that same love of dance. Finding rhythm, choreographing to a story, setting themes, entertaining, and making something alongside others are characteristics of both forms of expression. Find out more about me…

Are you looking for someone to polish your weekly video updates or tutorials? I work with a limited number of brands each month in editing batch content to be uploaded to Youtube and Facebook. Want to work with me? Get in touch here. 

Hosting a live stream on Facebook, Youtube, or looking to create a totally closed-gate streaming event? I work with select brands in producing online events using broadcast media¬†(live or prerecorded). Learn more…

My husband and I create Youtube videos centered around the Northwest, paddleboarding, families with young kids, health, and personal development. Let’s collaborate on a project soon.