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Jennifer Donogh believes in building community online through shared experiences. She produces live webcasts for brands that bring their tribes together over video, with conversations stretching across social platforms.

She has experience supporting and leading small businesses and female founders through Ovaleye and Young Female Entrepreneurs. Find her featured in Fast Company, Entrepreneur Magazine, and the White House’s Champions of Change program.

Great leaders create movements by empowering the tribe to communicate. They establish the foundation for people to make connections, as opposed to commanding people to follow them.

Seth Godin in Tribes

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I have a passion for helping brands connect in meaningful ways with their community. Growing up, my parents owned a brick and mortar music store that moved into one of the first music download stores online. I saw early on through their use of forums and replying personally to customer emails, what a sense of community did for their business.

Live webcasting became a focus after witnessing Felix Baumgartner jump from the stratosphere down to Earth for Redbull Stratos, which was capture live and only online. The content itself was thrilling, but what made it even more exciting was the interaction happening with those who were also watching it together online. I've taken the excitement I had that day for live, online events and applied it through my work in helping brands engage with their communities through Ovaleye.TV and also through building and supporting my own community in Young Female Entrepreneurs.

I'd love to work with you through creating a strategy for or facilitating community engagment, improving or helping you start using video in your business, and helping you with any upcoming projects you have from start to finish. Find out more.

Young Female Entrepreneurs

I'm the Creator and Director of, beginning in 2010 with our weekly, flagship live webcast, #YFEchat LIVE starting in March of 2012.

YFE is an online network connecting entrepreneurial women in their 20s and 30s with new people, brands, and headlines that help them start and grow businesses. Our community meets online over live webcasts and in person over dinner


I joined our family business, Ovaleye in 2007 right out of college. My responsibility initially was teo grow the DIY website builder clientele the company was adding to its development and hosting services. The company grew and began focusing more on website hosting. We began utilizing live webcasting to serve our clients and encourage word of mouth. This worked well and the web hosting division of the company was acquired in late 2013.

Today Ovaleye focuses on helping brands broaden their visibility and engage with their audience via live webcasting.

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